Sunday, October 30, 2011

ADIDAS Auckland Marathon - Done

What a day! Up at 3:15am this morning for the early preparations for the marathon. I started with breakfast, toast with peanut butter and mashed banana and wanted to have rice pudding and cereal too but I couldn't face it. I also didn't want to drink anything to avoid toilet stops later on. I wasted 11 minutes last year queuing up for the toilet!

We left the house at 4:00am to pick up some like minded friends. Shayne kindly dropped us off in town to get the ferry to Devonport. No queues, just straight onto the ferry and over. The time went quick as we stood around chatting and then headed to the start line.

My friends moved forward towards the start line while I meandered to the back just before the walkers' sign. I spotted my sister in-law in the crowds and joined her and Cheryll. We waited together.

We were off! 6:10am we edged our way forward. I had to stay positive for as long as possible and this seemed easy all the way until about 8ks to go. A lady came up alongside me and asked how I was going. She was from Canada and we chatted for a while until she pulled back with a sore knee. Out of all the people there running with me, she was the only one that spoke to me and I couldn't help but think it was Philomen's way of letting me know she was with me. Goose bumps! That gave me the boost I needed until I reached the last 4ks. Donna, Shayne's cousin, was in her spot to cheer me on which got me to the end. The last 1.5ks I was met by some of Shayne's work colleagues sitting at a cafe. They cheered me through which gave me the strength to finish in style. 

I couldn't have run any further. Today, I feel that I ran my heart out. It wasn't the fastest marathon but it was my MOST determined effort and I feel proud of myself. 4hrs 21mins. MUCH better than I thought and I am VERY happy.


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