Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Motivated Enthusiastic Chap With a Goal

Today was extra special.

I mentioned before how time is precious and so I have learned to grab moments with my friends and family when ever I can, even if it means dragging them out on a run with me. Both Sharon and my other team mate have busy weeks and so today, when I'd normally be with them run/walking, I was left to organise my training.

I'm not as motivated when it is just me but I know that I MUST do something as my next event is just over a month away. There I was pondering, or should I say procrastinating about getting out there, when I received a really cool text from my son, Josh, asking if I wanted to run to Crum Park and do some hill training with him. My prayers were answered!

It is a VERY BUSY time of year and so I had a lot to cram in but I know how important Josh's training is to him and I needed to get out and do my thing, so we went for a run together. Grabbed that precious moment. I was happy that he had the motivation to carry me on this occasion.

I have to say, I am VERY proud of my boy. He is passionate about playing cricket and this is what drives him in his fitness. Crum Park has a couple of notorious hills that many an athlete has used to build fitness and stamina. I have trained there for previous marathons and my boys have timed me running up the hills and so not unfamiliar territory for us. The hills are a good work out and excellent for any training program.

We ran to the park and around the field that is currently being reconditioned ready for Small Fries Soccer next season (hopefully). We found the hill with the steps which I ran up. Josh's training requires grass training and so he ran up the hill which looked easier than the steps. My next option was to run up the hill with Josh. Equally as tough! We did it though. Josh set his goal with,
"I want to run up as much as I can and when I can't do any more, I want to run 1 more."

This is my kind of goal. He left me for dust and kept going. I wanted to give him a run for his money but her gave me a run for mine. Finally, when he told me he'd had enough and had done his last, I encouraged him to do just one more and he did. See now why I feel so proud of my boy. He staggered up the hill, at pace, and came back down to run home together. No complaints from my 15 year old, motivated, enthusiastic chap with a goal. Just how I raised him!


Learning Curves Kinross said...

Go Mandy! You should be very proud of that boy of yours what an excellent effort you both put in.
Lots of love your christchurch roommate

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